Company outing Experience the Wadden Sea

Are you looking for a company outing where you would like to combine activity with leisure? Dutch Tours offers day trips with an active leisure program to the Wadden Sea area.

Unesco World Heritage site Wadden Sea
The Wadden Sea Region is visited every spring and autumn by millions of migratory birds and is an important resting and foraging area in the East Atlantic flyway. The water of the Wadden Sea is relatively shallow and warm. Thanks to these properties, the mudflat bottom is teeming with life. Because of this rich soil life, the Wad is a kind of restaurant for many animal species. As soon as the mudflats dry up, mainly birds seize their chance to eat a nice meal. Every year, about 10 to 12 million birds migrate to the islands, partly to hibernate or to recuperate after a long migration. About 250 plant species occur only in the Wadden Sea. Marine mammals such as the common seal, the gray seal and the harbor porpoise also thrive in the sea around the Wadden and are therefore often seen guests.

Today Dutch Tours and your company are part of this special world. We sail from the departure port in Groningen or Friesland with a private ship for your group across the tidal Wad, along the sandbanks where seals are sunbathing and wading birds forage for their food. We sail to a dry sandbank/shell bank. Here your group can disembark to see the life of a mudflat up close. So looking for mudflats, cockles, flatfish and other sea creatures (led by an experienced guide who explains what one finds and sees): have fun foraging on the Wad. This is not mudflat hiking (the sandbank/shell bank is dry and hard), but old shoes and clothing that can get dirty are recommended.


Once back on board, a tasty lunch is waiting for us and we sail on to one of the Wadden Islands. We can arrange an activity on the island. This includes blokarting, power kiting, cycling (whether or not led by a guide), a GPS tour or beach challenges. Of course you can also just get a breath of fresh air without organized activities. At the end of the day we board again and sail back to our departure point, while enjoying an (alcohol-free) drink and a snack.

Possibilities include:

  • private ship for your group
  • reception with coffee and pastry
  • sandbar excursion led by an experienced guide
  • cycling on the island
  • lunch / dinner / drinks on board or on the island
  • team building activities on one of the Wadden Islands
  • work costs scheme may apply.

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