Heritage Tour

Heritage and Ancestry
Have you always wondered what the area your ancestors came from looks like? How it would be to find the church they got married in? To visit the cemetery where your relatives have been laid to rest? Or would you like some help on your heritage and ancestry research?

This full day private Heritage and Ancestry tour takes you back in time but could also be the start to so much more!

Based on your research we will visit the home town(s) of your ancestors. We will, for example, drive through the ancient villages and enjoy a “borrel” at the local café. But we will also take in the landscape at leisure and look at the local arts and crafts, for instance. Maybe we can even find the house or farm where they once lived!

The day starts with an early pick up at your hotel 8.00AM. Prior to departure, we have done online research based on the information you provide. We have put together a memorable tour packed with relevant and personal local family history. There will be time for lunch during the day and moreover, the tour is very customizable. It is a private day out for your group! At the end of the day, we will bring you back to your hotel.

Heritage and Ancestry Research
All we need from you is (basic) information about your family, like a birth certificate or a wedding contract or a place of birth. Maybe you have already done more extensive research. In that case please send us as many details as you can provide. After that we will need a few days’ time to prepare the tour based on the research information you provide us!

With this tour we do not aim to provide you with a complete research on your family history, nor a 100 page report. We would like to give a visual reflection on the research that you have already done yourself. However, if you would like us to include research for you, we kindly ask you to send us an email for a quote. We can then discuss and provide the research based on the information you already have assembled.

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